Student projects

Mimicking and shaping the acoustic environment in a neonatal intensive care unit

In neonatal intensive care units (NICU), noise has potentially detrimental short- and long-term effects on infants’ health, The current design of closed incubators causes sound distortion and amplification, creating a distinctively different acoustic environment for the infant from the one experienced by the NICU staff. To date, this environmental difference in has not been studied quantitatively so far, preempting a well-structured, data-driven approach to improve neonates’ acoustic environment. In this project, we aim to identify and quantify potential noise reducing changes to the immediate NICU environment, and to develop software to sensitize NICU staff to activities that increase noise.

Project Information

Student: Mikael Martins Gaspar, ETH Zürich
Project type: Master thesis
Project start: March 2019
Project end: September 2019
Supervisor: Dr. Tanja Restin,