Blog: Stefano Buoso

  • Crack a presentation 101

    by: in: Education, Researchon July 11, 2017

    After some time in academia you realize that getting people to understand your research is as important as the scientific methodology you have used. And this is even more true when you are trying to secure funding for your future research. There are many ways in which you can convey your message, through journal publications, reports and presentations.

  • Are you up to the challenge?

    by: in: About us, Educationon November 28, 2016

    Recently I came across some blogs where people were asking for suggestions on what to do at the end of their PhD studies. Besides the evergreen question about moving to industry or not, another dilemma was whether to stay in one’s current research field for a post-doctoral appointment (you can find an interesting article here). I thought I would share my experience as a (freshly) graduated PhD student in this blog.