Blog: Kartik Jain

  • A clique, group, or cult that we all follow

    by: in: Philosophyon April 9, 2017

    However advanced we may become scientifically, there are some regular events that keep on happening in life. There is no logical explanation behind those events and ironically we often do not even try to put logic to such events. As far back as I can go in my childhood, I recall that many kids had a special set of friends, resulting in the formation of groups.

  • Computational science applied to medicine and biology – Varied perspectives

    by: in: Humor, Musingson September 14, 2016

    As a computational scientist, I use and develop numerical models, implement them as computer programs and execute them on supercomputers to simulate physiological flows, with the intention of answering mysterious clinical questions. The interdisciplinary nature of this research leads to varied perspectives by scientific people from different communities. I note some of my (funny and informative) experiences here, mostly gained from conversations during conferences.*