Blog: Mahdi Asgari

  • Whether to stay in academia or leave it, that is the question.

    by: in: Education, Musingson October 28, 2016

    The challenging question arises right after or few months before PhD graduation: whether to stay in academia or leave it for an industrial career. The answer obviously depends on the personal attitude and the opportunities available at the time. However, as a PhD student you have to foresee certain points in order to make an appropriate career decision.

  • Science and art: how diverse and unique

    by: in: Musingson April 20, 2016

    Science and art are classically branded with opposing characteristics: science is objective, supports understanding the nature and answers long-standing questions, while art is subjective, elicits new thoughts instead of responding to established inquiries, and in fact, is used as a self-expression tool. The question is whether this classical branding represents science and art truthfully.