Student projects

1D computations of flow and oxygen transport in micro-vascular networks

Oxygen carried by the blood is supplied to the tissue through complex microvasculature network consisting of capillaries. Within the NCCR Kidney.CH project we are developing computational model of the whole kidney to understand the gradients of oxygen in the kidney tissue, and associate them with the activity of cells. Through microCT imaging of mouse kidneys at Synchrotron radiation facilities, we have obtained information of detailed vasculature of the kidney.

The bachelor thesis project mainly involves development of a 1D model for the computation of O2 transport in a network of capillary vessels. A mathematical model based on existing models will be developed and implemented in C++ programming language, and will be applied to renal micro-vasculature network after a comprehensive validation against established results.


Student: Berk Nergiz, ETH Zürich
Project type: Bachelor thesis
Project start: March 2018
Project end: Juli 2018
Supervisor: Dr. Kartik Jain,

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