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As the saying goes, publish or perish. Certainly, this applies not to blog entries, but to journal papers, which we do write, and perhaps you have read. And if you do read our papers (or publications from any group, for that matter), you see the end result of years of research, presented in a factual, sometimes (often?) dry manner. What you don’t see are the sweat and tears of the people who carried out the work. What you don’t see are the small things that never make it into the papers, but could be of use to you, could make you think or even make you smile.

That’s what you’ll find on this blog; the outtakes, deep thoughts and off-topic ramblings of the PhD students, post-docs and senior scientists of the Interface Group. We’ll be offering you a sneak peek into daily lab life, a place where different disciplines, personalities and cultures mix to advance science. Think of it as the blog of the starship enterprise, except that we’re not in space. Or in the future. And there are no Romulans.

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Hello World!

Vartan Kurtcuoglu

is the head of the Interface Group. His research focuses on fluid flow and associated transport processes in the human body. When not busy doing what lab heads do, he loves to share his impressions of nature’s marvels with others, particularly with kids.

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