• A clique, group, or cult that we all follow

    by: in: Philosophyon April 9, 2017

    However advanced we may become scientifically, there are some regular events that keep on happening in life. There is no logical explanation behind those events and ironically we often do not even try to put logic to such events. As far back as I can go in my childhood, I recall that many kids had a special set of friends, resulting in the formation of groups.

  • Life management – Part 2

    by: in: About us, Educationon March 8, 2017

    To be successful in managing/leading a family or a team, a very important thing is to be able to talk things out properly – problems, wishes or simply emotions. So here I go, and share some of the situations from home which allow me to develop stronger communication skills.

  • A name for my project.

    by: in: Researchon January 13, 2017

    The first research project I ever worked on was named VA-270. As opposed to VA-279. I still remember it. I think nobody else does. Lucky enough it was never confused with VA-271 or VA-269, because those did not exist.

  • Selling stories 2

    by: in: Education, Researchon December 8, 2016

    In my last blog post, I wrote about the issue of fitting a selection of scientific observations into seemingly plausible stories concluding that it is better to focus on data/content rather than the story. Now I want to pick up that story selling theme, but explore it from a different perspective. I start with challenging my own viewpoint by claiming: We need more stories in science! Yes, this reads like a blatant contradiction, but it is not, as I will make clear in a moment.

  • Are you up to the challenge?

    by: in: About us, Educationon November 28, 2016

    Recently I came across some blogs where people were asking for suggestions on what to do at the end of their PhD studies. Besides the evergreen question about moving to industry or not, another dilemma was whether to stay in one’s current research field for a post-doctoral appointment (you can find an interesting article here). I thought I would share my experience as a (freshly) graduated PhD student in this blog.